Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year of the Rat

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February 8, 2008
Promise Of Prosperity
Chinese Year Of The Rat

Chinese New Year this time around is the Year of the Rat, which brings with it the promise of prosperity. The Chinese admire the rat for its quick mind and ability to gather valuables and save them for the future. Since 2008 is the Year of the Rat, the year ahead should offer many opportunities to acquire wealth, as well as the ability to make choices that enable us to provide comfort for a long time to come.

Since the rat sign is the first in the Chinese zodiac calendar, we may feel the energy of a cycle beginning. We may also feel a pioneering spirit that helps us to forge ahead with a completely new endeavor. Looking beyond Western culture’s distaste for rats, we may be able to appreciate their ability to thrive in less than ideal conditions. This quality might offer us hope that whatever challenges we may face will only serve to make us stronger and more able. The rat’s ability to solve problems is well-known, so we can choose to enjoy any challenge that helps us keep our minds sharp while also making life more of a game. A competitive nature may develop within us, leading us to use the rat’s ability to focus on priorities. The rat can also remind us to be less worried about pleasing everyone we meet and more focused on our goals.

We should be aware of the rat’s habit for collecting and not allow ourselves to become so focused that we neglect those around us. Being constantly on the alert for opportunity can be stressful, so we can make the decision to balance our pursuit of prosperity with the enjoyment of good food and atmosphere and the people we trust to offer us both support and space. With the energy of challenge and possibility, the year is likely to be exciting without being explosive. The Year of the Rat is sure to offer the type of enjoyable challenges that will enable us to become all we can possibly be.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Eat, drink and be Merry

I prepared a great meal for my partner and I this evening, if I say so myself. One way we save money is by rarely eating out; to fine-dine or fast foods. We live in the mountains of southeast New Mexico so it has been very cold of late. Freezing, actually, and it's going to snow tonight. We need it, this is a tourist town with a ski resort, so I don't begrudge it, but our heating bill is off the charts this year. We HAVE to pay for the propane, so not going out to eat is a no-brainer.

I love to cook, and I'm good at it. That's not the case with most Americans. Every day I see cars full of families scarfing down burgers and cokes. The Mexican and Chinese fast food takeouts are packed. The movie Super Size Me told us a lot about our bad habits as a country. Most of us eat for pleasure, we're not really hungry. Or we're in a hurry so we make that quick stop at the corner Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Lots of good (and bad) reasons to eat unbalanced meals, too much sugar, and way too much fat.

But when is there time to prepare a good meal? Both parents working, children so busy with extracurricular activities, or NO activities. Eating has become habitual instead of nutritional.

There is a better way to eat and drink. I'm gonna tell you all about it! Stay tuned.